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Infection Control

Dr. Shellborn and the team realize that patients today have many concerns regarding the safety of receiving dental care. We adhere to stringent Infection Control Protocols referred to as Infection Prevention and Control Standards (IPC) and Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System(WHMIS) Standards. We have implemented the new 2012 requirements for Infection Prevention and Control Standards for Dentistry in Alberta.

Sterilizers are used to thoroughly disinfect all instruments including hand pieces. All sterilization is monitored and tested following stringent protocols to insure adherence to the Infection Prevention and Control Standards.

Surfaces in the treatment areas are disinfected under protocols which require the use of chemical solutions that insure the required level of infection control and protection to the environment.

Staff uniforms are laundered to specific protocols and each staff member changes into clean clothing at least once a day.

All staff members wear gloves for the protection of both themselves and their patients. Gloves may be changed and disposed of several times during each dental procedure. Special care is taken with respect to those whom have latex allergies. Staff members wear masks as a safety measure for both the patient and the dental care provider. Both staff and patients wear protective eye wear to protect the eyes from contaminants as well as injury.

Most items used in dentistry today are single-use only and cannot withstand the heat and pressure of our sterilization equipment. These items are disposed of after each patient. All other items that cannot be sterilized such as headrest covers are disposed of after each patient. We use plastic barriers, protective plastic tubing and sheaths wherever possible. In respect to the environment all plastics that do not come in contact with possible sources of infection are sent out for recycling.

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