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Even severely damaged teeth can be restored with aesthetic ceramic crowns that are strong, healthy, and beautiful. When a tooth is damaged beyond the point where a regular filling will suffice to repair the tooth a crown is the treatment of choice.

Crowns are often recommended for endodontically treated (root canal) teeth as the tooth structure of these teeth is most often compromised. With the new generation of materials and bonding agents the structural integrity of the tooth is enhanced.

Advanced porcelains are now stronger than ever, and wear and perform with the similar attributes of a natural tooth. In addition, these materials require much less of the tooth structure to be removed during preparation of the crown, resulting in a much more conservative. These innovative materials are non-metallic eliminating the black or blue edge that would normally show at the border of the crown. Non-metallic crowns look very much like a perfect, natural tooth.

Crowns are often used for the same purpose as Porcelain Laminates or Veneers; sometimes the application of a crown is purely for cosmetic reasons. Crowns can also be recommended to refurbish a patient’s occlusion or bite that has been impaired due to tooth loss, tooth wear or tooth breakdown.

Dr. Shellborn will often recommend these progressive restorations when planning a patient’s treatment.

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